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Christmas Season in Copenhagen

Our trip in/around Copenhagen continues!

This is my fourth time in Copenhagen and with each visit, my fondness of the city grows. The Danish town I’m living in, Kolding, is about 2.5/3 hours west of Copenhagen, on a different island (Jutland).

Copenhagen for a capital is quite small, but when I first arrived I felt a bit disoriented. But with a growing appreciation for the Danes way of life coupled with a deeper understanding of their culture, and an increased familiarization of the cobblestone roads and charming architecture of the city, I felt myself liking the place more and more.



Of course, what’s a trip to Copenhagen without seeing the brightly painted buildings along the canal of Nyhavn.

It was forecasted to rain for the whole duration of our trip. We were slightly disappointed when we realized this, but being from Vancouver you also learn to take the weather report with a grain (or handful) of salt. If trust issues were to be bred from somewhere, it’s definitely the weather person who is to blame. The weather’s always changing and we were hopefully of some sun.

And to our surprise and luck, there was a break of sun!


Copenhagen Street Food Market

I suggested lunch at Copenhagen Street Food Market- PapirØen. Along the Copenhagen Harbour, next to the Opera House – Paper Island has a central location for a bite to eat during the day or in the evening.

The gray industrial walls that serve as the place for street food vendors to gather inside, it used to serve as paper storage for the Danish Press. Thus the name Paper Island was born!


I’m smitten about markets if you haven’t already noticed! I had Korean food (wanting to be reunited with Asian food) and my mom had smørrebrød (wanting to  be acquainted with Danish food).

Royal Copenhagen

The Royal Copenhagen was a lovely store/museum located on the main street “Strøget” which run from the east (Town Hall Square) to west (the Kings Square, Nytorv).


Royal Copenhagen is a manufacturer of porcelain products and was founded in Copenhagen May 1st, 1775. The Danish are known for many things, and their beautiful porcelain is definitely one of them.


Christmas editions of the porcelain are a big deal! Since 1895 there has been a unique design made in limited quantities around the holiday season. The Royal Copenhagen Christmas Tables exhibition is worth having a peak at. Every year, the tables are set by different artists.

There were many Christmas Markets around the city. Christmas in Tivoli Gardens was without a doubt the city’s number one Christmas market.

I like how Copenhagen has a more relaxed pace than other cities like Toronto or Tokyo. I don’t feel the same rush and hurried pace. Copenhagen has done a good job of blending residence lifestyle considerations into the tourism landscape. The cities impressive bike lanes, for example, are to be admired from both locals and visitors alike.


We woke up the next morning to drizzly rain. Which was perfect since we decided to start our day at Torvehallerne. Another food market! This time in the city center with halls that’s filled with everything from fresh fish, pastries, coffee, cheese, and chocolate.


Even the markets were decorated with Christmas lights and ornaments. It was so festive no matter where you went in Copenhagen.

Coffee from the Coffee Collective was strongly recommended. I’m no coffee connoisseur, but I thought it was was great, and the cups were cute!


What I was really looking forward to at the market was porridge from GRØD! Grød means porridge in Danish – the name is a simple as the dish. Again, it was highly encouraged by a friend.

I know, porridge? Can it be more than typical boring porridge? Rest assured it was better than the instant porridge you make at home. It was so hearty and delicious! Our porridge was topped with Danish skyr (cultured dairy product, like yogurt), apple and vanilla compote, and granola.


Return of the smørrebrød!





Copenhagen is a cozy national capital with beautiful architecture, design culture, many options for food, and extensive parks. Maybe it’s my fondness of colder places and Scandinavia that makes me think one day I’ll return, who knows!

PS. I had a very fruitful meeting at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, which connects to a much larger story I hope to share soon. But for now, Merry Christmas friends!