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Travelogue Asia 2017: Milano, Italy


In October 2016, one month after arriving in Denmark for school. I was walking outside to the picnic benches outside our dormitory to have my lunch. At the table, I noticed that two of my friends were already sitting at the table ferociously discussing something – curious, I questioned what they were looking at or working on… turns out (but to no surprise) they were looking at airfare deals. After all, we study tourism and we’re in the business of loving to travel.

Even more curious I probed and questioned – where, how much, when!

Turns out it was one of the ‘around the world tickets’ that was discovered on Secret Flying, which is a perfect site if you (a) have loads of time or (b) loads of money. I don’t have either, but from time-to-time there’s a ticket that’s affordable, or of such good value it’s hard to say ‘no’, and sometimes it happens that one of those tickets happen to align with the month you have off of school. So the story goes…

My credit card somehow instantly found itself on the booking website several days later. I won’t reveal the whole journey unless you’re one of the few of people I couldn’t resist sharing this trip with. But for now, the first is Milano, Italy!



The trip is leaving from Milano so I made a mini-trip there. I was so grateful that my Italian friend was home at that time. Ale was born and raised in the city and was kind enough to host me for a night!

After a week in Greece, my body/mind was so exhausted. When I arrived at my friend’s place he asked if I wanted to take a nap before going for a bite to eat. I couldn’t nod my head ‘yes’ any faster. What was supposed to be 40 minute “power nap” quickly became a 2 hour deep sleep. My friend knocked on my door several times but told me that I wasn’t responding. But afterward, I felt great!

We walked around the city at night. It was cold and quiet, not typical of what you would expect in the city but I’m always grateful to travel during shoulder/off season and avoid the influx of tourists.

We stopped around the Navigli neighbourhood – one of Ale’s favourites! This neighbourhood was full of restaurants along both sides of the main canal that ran through the middle. We stopped by one of his favourite places in the city to have a cocktail before dinner. The bar was called Mag Cafe – super cozy with a nice flair. We only had drinks, but we were provided with a a plate of cheese, bread sticks, and cold cuts as a complimentary dish. The campari* was delicious and the snack was a lovely gesture!

*campari = alcoholic liqueur, considered an apéritif; made from an infusion of herbs and fruit in alcohol and water

The world’s smallest bar, Backdoor, was just steps away. It’s hard to get a reservation, says Ale, but it was nice to just look out from the outside. It really was tiny… We had pizza for dinner, CLASSIC. And it was delicious. The waiters are as Neapolitan as the pizza they serve. I was rested, full, and happy – overall grateful.


The next morning, Ale made us brunch – tasty! We explored Milano during the day before I left to the airport hotel in the afternoon. Wandering the main city center by foot!





I’m sharing the next month of adventures with two friends who are in my master’s program. We met up at the hotel in the evening, had pizza (again), and talked about how excited we were that this trip was finally happening!

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