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I was able to witness a beautiful gathering this morning as I watched the town locals come together for a church confirmation. When I arrived, half an hour before service, I stood outside and watched families and individuals walking towards the church. Just 10 minutes before the start of the service, all of a sudden many people gathered in front of the church doors. There was laughing, hugging, and greetings.

The tiny church was filled, with an overflow of extra chairs along the aisles. Almost all the woman and girls were dressed in a beautiful, colourful, multi-piece outfit, and the men with their white and black traditional outfit. It was incredible to watch the gathering and the way the community celebrated their traditional clothing on such an occasion.

The Church of Zion is located in Ilulissat and it is considered one of the northernmost churches in the world. The brown wooden church was built in 1782.



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