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Ilulissat: icebergs

In Ilulissat, not a moment goes by when you’re not a glace away from floating icebergs. The dynamic shapes, sizes, and even colours (in light) sweep your thoughts away in the wind and make you marvel at nature. Anyone who tells you ice is just white, has not looked at the icebergs long enough to know that it can be a hundred different shades and colours.

The word “Ilulissat” translates to icebergs. The town is so simply and perfectly named to reflect the place. The word “iluliaq” is the word for a single iceberg. In my short time here, I have already experienced Ilulissat by plane, boat, car, and on foot. My heart longs to continue exploring the town and grasp the ‘exceptional natural value’ that is recognized by UNESCO World Heritage.



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