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“Now 5 degrees East”, the captain said to me as I took the classic round steering wheel of the boat with both hands and slowly turn the pegs of the wheel right. I couldn’t believe I was actually steering a ship! It had only lastly 10 minutes, mostly navigating straight, although there was two floating icebergs I successfully maneuvered.


Sitting beside the captain, staring out at the ice in wonder and awe, I felt like I was in a scene of a Ernest Shackleton movie – the vastness of the ocean, the remoteness of the boat, the ice and glacial landscapes. While the other passengers on the ship stayed in the front, on the outside deck, I was happily spending most of my time next to the captain trying to learn new Greenlandic words and hearing stories about his life in Ilulissat.

Being on a ship was a unique experience because you can really find yourself face to face with an iceberg. The beauty of the boat was also it’s ability to navigate through chunks of ice.


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