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“Kalaallit Qimmiat”

KALAALLIT QIMMEQ: Greenlandic dog

Huskies are one of my favourite breeds of dogs. A Greenlandic dog is large breed of husky that is kept as a sled dog to help the Inuit hunting animals such as seal. They have triangular ears covered with thick fur that prevents frostbite for the winter. In the summer, they rest. You can hear their howls from the town!

I was recently made aware that due to the effects of a changing climate (longer and warmer summers with shorter and harsher winters), less and less people are seeing the value of keeping dogs. Once Ilulissat was a town that had more dogs than people, but now they are seen as an expense, even a burden.

The dog sled culture (qimussertarnermik kulturi) is under pressure.


A mother’s kiss

Frederik is pushing for an adpatation strategy that works with sledge musher associations to encourage the municipality to take actions that will perserve this cultural hertiage. My heart feels heavy to know that a mode of transporation and culture in danger of extinction.



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