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NAANEQ: flower, growth, plant

A different perspective
Look down
At your feet
Look at the way the ground supports you
A flower grows delicately between rocks
Permafrost leaves puddles that don’t sink
A ladybug sits on a branch
A bird rests
Green moss blankets
In daydreams, eyes gaze upwards
But rarely at the earth
The small beauties that are overlooked

It’s so easy to be drawn to the magnitude and sheer grandeur of the icebergs. But when I passed a sign on the boardwalk floor that indicated I had entered the UNESCO site, I realized that I’m missing a world of life at my feet.


The boardwalk is created to inhibit tourists from walking on the ground. There are many signs that tell visitors stay on the boardwalk to protect the fragile ecosystem, yet people miss (or ignore) the warnings and step on the protected land. The earth here is particularly fragile with the short summers it has to grow. How can we learn to appreciate what’s below us, as much as what’s in front of us?