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It is quite possible to leave your home for a walk in the early morning air and return a different personbeguiled, enchanted.” — Mary Ellen Chase


Nothing fills me with as much joy as a walk in nature. I need the fresh air like I need food. Fresh air is like food for mind and soul. Some day I have to admit, it’s harder to find time and energy to walk; though it’s admittedly even more important on those days to walk. Today I had a walk with Frederik to inspect the “World Heritage Trail” (approximately 2.6 km – 1 hour walk). There are three other trails marked by colours (Yello, Red, and Blue). The hikes around the UNESCO World Heritage Site are an easy to organise do-it-yourself experience.


I can close my eyes and remember the heaviness I sometimes felt being in big cities like Tokyo or Toronto, the near suffocating feelings are as far from my mind now as they are in actuality.

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