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“Seqineq Allikaappoq”

Seqineq Allikaappoq: the sun shines through the clouds

I took this image at midnight!

I take 10 steps outside of the office, 15 steps up a set of small stairs, and I’m welcomed with this view. The church feels like the focus of this image, as small colourful houses arrange around it in no particular alignment. Then the ocean stretches into the sky.

I feel like if I wait just several minutes the sun will begin to slowly fall past the horizon and the sky will be pulled into a deep orange, then a dark blue, then complete darkness. Yet somehow the earth tilts and the darkness travels elsewhere. It’s a strange phenomenon to feel so close to something but then it disappears. The forever daylight makes me think a lot about time. I suddenly feel like I have more time, another strange and new feeling. How do you measure time – in minutes, days, months, moments, memories, ideas?