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Naatsilvilerisoq: gardener

When I first arrived in Ilulissat I was shocked at the food prices, especially for fresh produce. It costs almost 4 Euros (6 Cad) for a cucumber. Even if you had the pocket change to afford the higher costs of groceries, it is hard to find many products. But I already knew before arriving that almost all foods are directly imported from Denmark by ship. According to Frederik, the ship arrives in the summer months every week. In the winter months it can be as infrequent as once-twice a month (weather dependant).

Interestingly, and naturally, Greenlandic products like reindeer, musk, seal, and whale meat and fish and prawns/shrimps are cheap compared to equivalent products in Denmark or other countires. I thought to myself that if I were to return here one day, I would have to find a way to grow my own product or have a greenhouse.

And just as I thought that growing produce in Arctic conditions wasn’t possible…


I couldn’t believe my eyes! We were invited to the home of a local family who makes presentations and shares stories about their dogs and the Greenlandic culture. Although they are only able to grow during the summer months, they are still able to grow a lot to save for the winter month’s. Seeing a garden felt more rare than seeing a whale. I was amazed!

I also saw innovative practices of gardening in the Sahara Desert. It really makes me think that when conditions are more challenging, it pushes people to be more creative and resourceful. To all the Greenlandic Naatsilvilerisoq thank you for your inspiration – thank you for making me believe all my gardening dreams are possible!


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