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Akisunneq: reflection

My friend and I were planning to go on a hike (Blue Route) in the UNESCO Site, and we were pretty disappointed when we woke up with the morning with rainy, cloudy, and foggy conditions.

We decided to start the hike and see if conditions would lighten up or get worse, forcing us to turn around. We started to walk and found that the the weather wasn’t terrible, the clouds were hanging midway in the sky, as if a floating blanket above our heads.


When we were about half way, we noticed a spot where we could get close to the water. We walked down to the “beach” and found incredibly still water. Each iceberg was reflected as if it were sitting on top of glass. Anna and I were capitvated.

I hopped on several rocks to get closer. We waited for a while and when I turned around I realized that some of the original rocks I had hopped on were sumberged. We didn’t realize that the tide was rising! Luckily it was only a couple centimeters underwater and it was no problem for my shoes.

The photos of a perfect relfection makes me think about something I wrote a year ago when I was about to start school in Denmark.

Nature reflection prompts self reflection. We tend to fear the things we don’t understand. We fall into complacency out of comfort. But it’s a strength to run toward the things we fear, the things we don’t quite understand. The anticipation of starting school in Denmark feels like that – running towards an incomplete picture. But I am grateful that this opportunity is already stirring my heart, in the best way possible. Do not let your fear(s) hinder you from finding people and places that make your heart dance day in and day out.


The hike was about 7km but for most of the trail we were side-by-side glaciers. There were some really rocky parts, close to the trail head at the Quarry (caution!) In the end, I am so grateful that rain, cloud or shine we spent time outside.