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Alagassaq: lessons learnt by heart

This is more of a personal update:

This past week I’ve been a lot quieter with writing. I’ve been drawing my attention to drawing and painting (since I’ve been going to a weekly community paint gathering at the local Art Museum). I’m starting to feel a sense of belonging here, slowly but surely getting to know more people and learn more about this community… and becoming more familiar with the words!


“It is precisely what is invisible in the land… that makes what is merely empty space to one person a place to another. – Barry Lopez, Arctic Dreams

I am surprised and humbled to keep learning from different people. My understanding of Greenland and the Greenlandic people continue to expand, and with this knowledge comes an even deeper respect. I really see that the Greenlandic people embody a deep sense of attachment to place, this land. Their culture and lives are embedded into the ebbs and flows of nature. This experience has shaped me, moulded me, impacted me in ways I can (and cannot) see now.


I can’t believe that I am shy of a month from leaving Ilulissat. Sometimes I feel like there is so much I can learn in one month, but more often than not, I wonder how much more I could learn, understand and feel if I could stay just a little bit longer. I am glad to see the sunset before I leave, and I am told that mountain berries will be ready for picking in a couple weeks. I have so much to look forward to in the next month and this is a reminder to myself to be present and grateful. Sometimes I forget that I’m in (I believe) one of the most special places on earth.

“In the process of journeying, we seem to have become the journey, blurring the boundaries between the physical landscape outside of ourselves and the spiritual landscape within.