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In Transit: Greenland – Belgium – Spain

I said a heartfelt goodbye to Greenland at the end of August (which is already several weeks ago). The handful of roads in Ilulissat was becoming very familiar, the sounds of howling dogs, the silence in the early morning, the smell of fish (everywhere)… I […]

sLOVEnia: a new city, a new home

A new year, a new city, and a new home! If you’re thinking “I can’t keep up, you’re always moving…” I know, I feel the same way – my life is characterized by the lack of permanence to a place – but I cannot think of […]

Denmark, a reflection

[disclaimer: looooong post – but it’s a good one filled with pictures and thoughts, yay! I’m also happy because I’m done my first semester of my master’s!] Almost 5 months ago, I arrived at Copenhagen airport, sleepy-eyed and jet-lagged from a long flight from Vancouver. I […]

Christmas Season in Copenhagen

Our trip in/around Copenhagen continues! This is my fourth time in Copenhagen and with each visit, my fondness of the city grows. The Danish town I’m living in, Kolding, is about 2.5/3 hours west of Copenhagen, on a different island (Jutland). Copenhagen for a capital […]