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In Transit: Greenland – Belgium – Spain

I said a heartfelt goodbye to Greenland at the end of August (which is already several weeks ago). The handful of roads in Ilulissat was becoming very familiar, the sounds of howling dogs, the silence in the early morning, the smell of fish (everywhere)… I […]

sLOVEnia: a new city, a new home

A new year, a new city, and a new home! If you’re thinking “I can’t keep up, you’re always moving…” I know, I feel the same way – my life is characterized by the lack of permanence to a place – but I cannot think of […]

Travelogue Asia 2017: Milano, Italy

HERE’S THE START OF A VERY EXCITING JOURNEY! In October 2016, one month after arriving in Denmark for school. I was walking outside to the picnic benches outside our dormitory to have my lunch. At the table, I noticed that two of my friends were […]

Travelogue Athens, Greece

As some of you may or may not know, I went to Greece last week on New Years eve. Here’s a blog post! I spent an incredible 10 days at home before flying to Athens. It was short, but so needed. After finishing my semester in […]