Travelogue Tofino: Sun, Surf and Everything in Between

Tofino is a gem of the Pacific Northwest. It amazes me that this this costal tiny town can boast everything from forest to sandy beaches. The town has impressive beer, food, and coffee too! I was STOKED to surf. Tofino is on the west coast of Vancouver Island, which makes it perfect for surfing all year… Continue reading Travelogue Tofino: Sun, Surf and Everything in Between

Travelogue Tofino: Getting to the Island

Over beers with friends, a half joking, half dreaming "let's go to Tofino to surf" became a reality. A couple days later we were planning for a mini-getaway from Vancouver to the "island" (Vancouver Island). The spontaneity of an adventure makes it all the more exciting! It was one car and six people travelling together. We woke up at… Continue reading Travelogue Tofino: Getting to the Island