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Travelogue Honolulu, Hawaii: Ocean Therapy

The last two weeks of my time in Vancouver have been a whirlwind of adventures. Everyday I felt like I had somewhere to be, someone to see. It was amazing and exhausting in the best way possible. After returning from a short trip to Whistler my […]

Travelogue Tofino: Getting to the Island

Over beers with friends, a half joking, half dreaming “let’s go to Tofino to surf” became a reality. A couple days later we were planning for a mini-getaway from Vancouver to the “island” (Vancouver Island). The spontaneity of an adventure makes it all the more exciting! It was […]

On life, work, and change in Vancouver

Hi! Hello from sunny & (now) summery Vancouver. The rain seems to have finally called quits, and I’m happy to have the sunshine stick around. My tomato and cucumber plants are grateful for the sunshine too! If anyone is at all curious as to what I’ve […]