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Christmas Season in Copenhagen

Our trip in/around Copenhagen continues! This is my fourth time in Copenhagen and with each visit, my fondness of the city grows. The Danish town I’m living in, Kolding, is about 2.5/3 hours west of Copenhagen, on a different island (Jutland). Copenhagen for a capital […]

Århus, Kolding & Copenhagen

I return again from my heap of school work to share all the little and big exciting stories that happened this past month. Advent Sunday celebration November 27th marked the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day. Our German friends hosted a late afternoon gathering to celebrate the […]

Wadden Sea World Heritage

It doesn’t matter what age I am, participating in field trips are so exciting! This was the second field trip organized for the master’s students. Like the start of many field trips, we packed lunch the night before, woke up early in the morning, and sleepily […]

Leg Godt

On a cool Friday evening, I met with three other master students to prepare for our first race. Among some of the students in our program we formed our own running club – running almost every other day throughout the city, around the lake, and through […]