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I’m moving to Denmark, Slovenia & Spain!

Exactly a month ago I wrote a post saying I’m moving to the U.K. (ps the post no longer exists). So what in the world is this post about?! In an effort to make a long story, short – a series of circumstances and events, which […]

Journey in Zhangjiajie: Knocking on Heaven’s Door

China’s vast and diverse territory endows the country with some of the most beautiful natural scenery on earth. In August of 2015 I was able to witness and be among the giants — the karst peaks that tower in Zhangjiajie. Between the peaks lie ravines, gorges, streams, […]

Travelouge Venice, Italy: Ciao

I had a half day left in Italy before catching a direct train back to Innsbruck. On the last day in Venice, I met up with a good friend from Canada! We happened to be in Venice at the same time and made a plan […]

Travelouge Venice, Italy: A Weekend in Italy

One of many joys of being in Europe for an Exchange prgoram is the opportunity to travel to different cities, towns, countries (even contients). With a small or reasonable amount of money and in a short amount of time, everything from trains, planes and buses make it accessible to […]