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Travelogue Tofino: Getting to the Island

Over beers with friends, a half joking, half dreaming “let’s go to Tofino to surf” became a reality. A couple days later we were planning for a mini-getaway from Vancouver to the “island” (Vancouver Island). The spontaneity of an adventure makes it all the more exciting! It was […]

Coffee and Grind

My day always starts with a cup of coffee. I love coffee and I love mornings. I think I’m happiest in the morning, sitting reading a book and enjoying coffee. I had a wonderful cuppa joe at Revolver in Gastown. There are so many charming and unique cafes in […]

Day Trip to Victoria (I)

I wanted to surprise Jasmine and Monica as a thank you for visiting me. I decided to plan a day-trip to Victoria island for us and I successfully managed to keep it a surprise until 10 minutes before boarding! It was a rushed morning but […]