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Deep Cove Hike and Doughnuts

Today friends and I went to Deep Cove in North Vancouver. It’s a little inlet on the east side of North Vancouver. We took the bus, which was really straightforward. I was told my co-workers that having a car is a more sensible option, but […]

Shannon Falls, Squamish Hike

The countdown for my last several weeks in Vancouver is real. I miss this beautiful coast already and I haven’t even left yet. The thing is, I really think I’ll be back. I’ve told my family and friends that if the right opportunity knocks at my door, […]

Missing Jasper

This is just a post with some of my favourite Jasper photos (with a several from Mt. Robson in BC) to help cope with my nostalgia. I’m missing Jasper so much. I miss being in a small town, which I would have never thought I’d […]

Golden, BC for Skydiving

What an unforgettable adventure. The decision to skydive was really a spur of the moment decision. I talking with a friend who works in Jasper, for the Jasper Tramway, and he mentioned that he was thinking of skydiving. I replied and said that would be […]