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Travelogue France: Last of Europe in Paris

Sadly my trip had to come to an end. From Geneva I was bound for Paris to catch a plane back home to Toronto the following morning. I had one full day in Paris before my flight so I decided to make the most of it. […]

Travelogue Switzerland: Geneva

From Lausanne I ventured westward along the lake, by train to the beautiful city of Geneva. Geneva is famously known for being home to Palais des Nations (United Nations) as well as many other international organizations (World Health Organization, International Red Cross, International Labour Organization…) Basically an incredibly […]

Travelogue Switzerland: Lausanne & Day Trip to Evian

I love this city!! (1) mountains (2) lake (3) great public transportation, walkable city (although quite a number of hills) (4) wine (5) friendly people Lausanne hosts a large university and so it has a friendly vibe than other Swiss cities. It seems like less tourist venture […]