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Why I entered the #Faces2Hearts Competition

There are few moments in my life that have made me feel a rush of excitement, fear, nervousness and hope. Staring my master’s in Europe was one of them. Most recently, a whirlwind of emotions flooded my mind when I came across this competition by European […]

In Transit: Greenland – Belgium – Spain

I said a heartfelt goodbye to Greenland at the end of August (which is already several weeks ago). The handful of roads in Ilulissat was becoming very familiar, the sounds of howling dogs, the silence in the early morning, the smell of fish (everywhere)… I […]

Travelogue Asia 2017: Maldives to Singapore

A lot has happened since I’ve last had a chance to make an update on my blog. Travel plans have been flipped and tossed around (so has my body). But travel is about adapting and being responsive to changing circumstances and situations. More thoughts to […]

Travelogue Asia 2017: Scuba Diving in Maldives

Scuba diving has always been something in the back of my mind. The love for the ocean developed young, though I didn’t grow up next to the ocean – I vicariously imagined myself swimming with fish and “friendlier” animals while watching Planet Earth in my […]