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Travelogue France: Last of Europe in Paris

Sadly my trip had to come to an end. From Geneva I was bound for Paris to catch a plane back home to Toronto the following morning. I had one full day in Paris before my flight so I decided to make the most of it. […]

Travelogue Paris, France: Eiffel Tower

A couple days ago Jas and I did the right touristy thing and saw the Eiffel Tower. It felt kind of strange to finally see something you only see in pictures. The whole area was packed with tour buses, group of people, families and travelers of […]

Travelogue Paris, France: Palace of Versailles

Another hot day of adventures in Paris. Today we took a side trip to the Palace de Versailles. Going to Versailles from Paris (we live in the 10th area) was easy and inexpensive. From Gard de Nord station we took the metro until almost the […]